With offices based in Berlin, we are one of the world’s oldest service providers in the photovoltaics market and able to look back on 30 years of experience in the industry. We played a role in the early days of the photovoltaics industry, executed the preliminary installations and established the first network of specialist retailers in eastern Germany. Following this, we initiated and oversaw the construction of the first European megawatt photovoltaics farms.Over these three decades, we have amassed unique expertise and established a broad and dense network. Today, we have access either internally or externally to virtually all knowledge required to support your projects and to explain to you the particular characteristics of this industry in a readily understandable manner.

When should a service be sought?

  • A new challenge calls for specialist knowledge

  • To leverage further specialist knowledge and networks

  • To avoid temporary peak strain and utilise local availability

  • To make use of the services of competent partners as an external source of new ideas

  • A problem is outside day-to-day-to-day business

  • Neutral advice from experienced experts

Expert opinions

Over the years, good engineering practices have become established for the installation of large and small photovoltaics systems. Observance of these rules ensures sustainable system operations, long-term investment protection and the avoidance of risks. Yet, planning errors, inappropriate installation and the use of inferior material repeatedly cause problems.As accredited experts of photovoltaics systems (TÜV), we are available to you as competent partners in Berlin and beyond to deal with even complex matters, to objectively assess facts and to submit proposals to you.

When should an expert opinion be sought?

  • Yield shortfall

  • Suspected faulty workmanship (prior to acceptance testing)

  • Apparent faults

  • Lightning and overvoltage damage

  • Determination of causes in the event of fire-related damage

  • Determination of causes in the event of injury to persons