We have been working in the solar industry consistently for 30 years. During this period, a broad-based network has arisen. We have accepted a wide range of different technical or strategic challenges from our business partners, developed solutions and earned a good reputation in the market.

We are always happy to rise to new challenges and systematically develop possible solutions within a minimum period of time. We analyse the causes and underlying conditions, search for interesting project locations, identify market opportunities, seek out suitable suppliers or service providers, establish new business contacts, find investors, recruit qualified personnel, organise business processes, develop new products, provide employees with technical training and manage complex projects. In the photovoltaics industry we have successfully overseen a wide range of different trade, handcraft and production activities over many years.

These diverse tasks have formed part of our day-to-day business from the outset. We are able to handle complex matters. Sometimes even only simple things can provide a great deal of assistance. Discretion forms the basis of our business. Where necessary, we are happy to sign special non-disclosure agreements. On request, we are able to supply references on individual activities.

Project development | project management

Successful project development hinges not only on various external determinants but particularly also on internal management skills and factors related to the specific sites. These are some of the important questions: How can large PV farm projects in particular be developed successfully in conjunction with the project participants? What risks are acceptable for project developers and what risks should be avoided if possible? What specific challenges does the project developer face and what approaches to address them have proven themselves? We have the answers.

Purchasing advice

We have been assisting our business partners in sourcing typical construction activities, components and services over many years with a total budget which has since reached several hundreds of millions of euros. How can buyers’ quality, price and scheduling requirements be met? We assume responsibility for contract and price negotiations in individual cases in the light of specific quality requirements and guarantees. We monitor the performance of existing contracts and recommend corresponding progress payments.


Are you looking for a specialist? We know many well-trained engineers, commercial experts and craftsmen from our joint project activities or involvement in previously managed companies. Mutual trust has grown over the years. We are able to assess on the basis of our own experience the most appropriate candidate for a given task and know who works well with whom.

(Senior) construction management

Ensuring compliance with scheduling and quality requirements is a major challenge on any construction site. In practice, new disruptions occur all the time, posing obstacles to construction scheduling. These obstacles must be addressed and eliminated in consultation with the other companies working on the site. Quality requirements must be constantly monitored to ensure that any hidden shortcomings can be addressed at an early stage. How can a construction project be completed in time and on budget? We are familiar with most of the pitfalls and can ensure largely smooth completion of the project thanks to a carefully defined communications and decision-making process.

Strategy advice

Are you seeking a new strategic orientation? Markets are changing all the time. Consistent business success is not possible without ongoing change. How can synergistic effects be unleashed and maintained? What elements can be added to a value chain and what elements should be discarded? We have been dealing with these questions on an ongoing basis in our own management activities over many years. You, too, can benefit from our experience.

Organisation advice

Decisions on structures and processes constitute crucial determinants for efficient operations and consistently satisfied employees. Frequently enough, poorly organised processes exert a hidden drag on company performance. If organisational structures are not accepted by staff, the company will suffer as a result. Inefficient or unaccepted hierarchical structures should not be allowed to impede workflow efficacy. Your employees also want to achieve success by performing their duties as well as they can. Have you given your employees the scope that they need to do this?

Interim management / interim solutions

No matter where the problem may lie, we can provide temporary assistance and find a durable solution.

Arrangement of contact with investors

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new investor for planned portfolio restructuring or for a poor-performing photovoltaic system, we can arrange contacts with parties willing to take a share of the equity of your project or acquire it outright. We will assist you in your negotiations by providing technical and commercial due diligence services offering both sides an objective basis for their decision.

Location scouting

We will help you to find suitable locations specifically for your photovoltaics projects in Germany. With our practical experience, we are familiar with the underlying conditions required for top locations. Via our network of partners, we are also able to identify suitable locations for photovoltaics farms in other parts of Europe.

Have you already identified a site and want to have an accurate overview bird’s ? With a high resolution camera we fabricate from our company-owned aircraft crisp images from the site and the surrounding area . We study and of course documented the possibility cable lines and access roads . Operate a photovoltaic system and wish you an aerial view of your plant ? We manufacture any desired motif in compliance with statutory regulations and minimum altitudes .

Organisation of workshops

Would you initially like to obtain information on technical matters or customary industry-wide practices on an individual basis? We will be pleased to visit your company and provide you with practical information on the matters of interest to you. We will find suitable lecturers for you or arrange access to proven seminar content.

Organisation of plant tours and study visits

We will organise tours of production sites, laboratory and farms for you at both domestic and international locations. We are able to show you proven installations of all technical types. In the greater Berlin region alone, there are many BIPV projects and also some of the world’s largest free-field farms. As well as this, countless classic rooftop systems of an outstanding execution quality can be inspected.